Let’s Begin The Journey Through COSMOS with Seeker Saurabh

What’s The Journey Through Cosmos?

Hello everyone! First I would like to thank you for visiting this site & joining me on this journey. So you may be wondering what kind of journey am I talking about. Well, that’s why I’m writing this blog. I’m about to start a series of blogs where I’ll be answering some of the most mysterious questions in science. Like the origin of the universe, how did planets formed, how did life originated on the Earth, how did it evolved, how did apes turned into humans & how did those hunters & gatherers humans created this modern civilization that exist today, and what kind of civilization will be there after thousands of years in the future. Well, you get an idea.

A little bit about my journey:

I’ve always been a curious kid. And I always had all these questions in my mind from my childhood. And this curiosity leads me to find answers to these questions. Being grew up in one small village in India & English not being my first language, I always faced many problems in studying. But one the other hand, being a village kid I always used to wander in the forests around my village looking for different wild species. And in summer days during the night, we used to sleep on the terrace of our house. During that, I used to stargaze for hours & hours before I go to sleep beneath this blanket of stars. And these activities naturally build my interest into science & astronomy.

seeker saurabh stargazer

So this was a little bit about me and how my interest came into astronomy. [If you kinda similar story like me, plz late me know in the comment section below. I would love to read those.]

Inside look at “Journey Through Cosmos with Seeker Saurabh”

Now back to this blog series. I just wanna give you a little sneak peek of what this series is going to be & how can we make it more fun & interesting for everyone. So basically this series will begin with fundamentals of astronomy. I’ll start by introducing you to yourself. Yeah! You got it right. The planet you live on whirls around a star that moves through a Universe filled with other stars and galaxies which are all results of billions of years of history and evolution. You owe it to yourself to know where you are in the Universe, and when you are in its history because those are important steps toward knowing what you are. And that’s why knowing about yourself is so much important for this journey.

After that, I’ll be teaching you all the basics of astronomy. From reading night sky to the using telescope. We will study the sun, moon, planets & stars. We will talk about solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, prediction of eclipses and much more.

Then in the next phase, we will move into little advance astronomy. We will study atom spectra, birth & death of stars, black holes, neutron stars, milky way, all the other galaxies, how they form & all that stuff.

And then in that last phase, we will start talking about life & it’s origin. We will study, how life originated on earth, how did it evolved, we will talk about aliens & possibilities of life in the other parts of the universe (aka Astrobiology). And finally, we will end this series by discussing different possibilities of the future of humanity & where we are heading.

Future of humanity

So how does this all sound?? INTERESTING?? If yes then congrats you are ready for this ultimate journey through cosmos. This was the first introductory blog. The real fun will begin when we will start talking about really interesting stuff. Let’s begin our journey with this next blog:

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